R+J (Romeo and Juliet) -
Immersive Cinema Fulldome Movie

» R+J is the first Immersive Cinema live action movie worldwide.


R+J is a modern artful adaptation of the drama “Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare.

And R+J is film history: produced in 2003 it is the first Immersive Cinema live action fiction film. With R+J we've shown that Immersive Cinema is possible. That opened up an entirely new field of creativity using real people and real locations in immersive fulldome films.

The film was shot in 2003 on Canary Islands and premiered at IPS 2004 in Valencia. Steven Savage from  Sky-Skan gave a very moving introductory speech with the legendary sentence: “You will see the very first kiss in the dome”.




The “play in a play” starts in a desert. A group of young people pulls a truck with building materials through an empty landscape until they discover the “right spot”. They stop the truck and start building a stage from wood and fabric as a party space. Finally the stage is ready and the play can begin. A huge party starts which gradually escalates into a kaleidoscopically party. Juliet moves around. She is totally lost, pushed forward by the wild party crowd, until she suddenly ends up in the embrace of a young man – Romeo. Their eyes lock, but Juliet is pulled away, she has to continue to dance. Romeo is exhausted. He backs out into a quiet corner. He leans against a large wooden ladder. Suddenly he discovers the beautiful Juliet, who had fallen into his arms, up on the balcony. They are overwhelmed by tender love, which leads to a first kiss. But Romeo and Juliet are only powerless pawns in a game between two hostile families, the Capulets and the Montagues. Juliet’s cousin Tybalt challenges Romeo to a fight. Tybalt loses. In a wild ecstatic fist fight Romeo kills Tybalt. Romeo escapes to Juliet. She is torn between their love and his bloody deed. But once more they are able to forget reality and, as if wrapped in a cocoon, they live out their love. They enjoy their first night together. When the new day dawns, Romeo has to flee, the prince has sentenced him to exile for his crime. Tragedy takes its course. The priest resorts to a trick: he gives Juliet a potion, which will seem to kill her. Unaware of this subterfuge Romeo secretly returns from exile and finds the allegedly dead Juliet in her crypt. In his desperation, he takes true poison to be united with her in eternal love. While he is dying Juliet wakes up from unconsciousness and finds Romeo. She kisses him in joy, anger and finally in the desperate attempt to get some of the poison from his lips and die with him. She succeeds. Romeo and Juliet are united in death. But that’s only a play in a warm desert night. After the tragic ending, the party goes on with dancing and celebrating.


Title: R+J (Romeo and Juliet)
Duration: 20 Minutes
Languages: English / German
Production: LivinGlobe
Co-Production: Carl Zeiss, Sky-Skan Europe, ARRI
Producer: Bettina Pfändner, Harald Singer
Director: Harald Singer
Visual Design: Kevin Beaulieu
Main actors: Julia Dietze, Florian Jahr
Produced 2003 / 2004